Your One-Stop Prototyping Supplier

At EFung, whether you need a hundred parts every few months, or hundreds of, thousands of parts every month, our low-volume manufacturing service is for you. It's great if you  need small quantities on a regular basis or if you want to bridge the gap between the prototyping stage and full-scale production. EFung is your ideal and reliable supplier.

Rapid Prototyping of Various Material

Using our 3, 4 and 5-axis CNC machining centers our skilled machinists can make CNC milled and turned in aluminum, stainless steel and mild steel,

brass, titanium, magnesium and many types of material of plastic as well.

New High Quality Product 

 We are your ideal partner for low volume production. With high quality machines in-house including CNC machining centers, plastic injection molding, 3D printing and more you will receive the best results for

plastic and metal parts every time. 

Numerical Control Machining

Manufacturing in low volumes is an ideal solution for managing your inventory and testing the market before producing larger quantities. We can make 100,000+ parts fast.

Quality Inspection

Making products with consistent high-quality requires good process control techniques combined with advanced equipment. At EFung, we make sure 

every project includes these steps for quality assurance.