LED light source system

√ The production workshop of ED light source and its control system products covers an area of 1,700 square meters. Three semi-automatic production lines are planned and constructed, and the annual production capacity is expected to be 100,000 units.

√ Control system products have established a complete management system and process in procurement, quality, process control, supplier management, warehousing and logistics, etc. Equipped with a modern management system, the manufacturing capacity has been greatly improved, and the product has a high market share in foreign countries. Stablize.

lighting control system

√Has a dust-free electronic workshop with a cleanliness level of 100,000

√Automated SMT SMT production lines, one of which is vacuum reflow soldering

√ Introduced the world's advanced high-end automation and standardized production lines and equipment, such as 3D automatic high-speed high-precision placement machines and high-end equipment such as reflow soldering. High quality and stability, consistency.

√ The advanced information management platform of SAP and MES has been built to ensure the normal production, delivery and traceability of products.